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FET Certificate: Public Administration


Course: FET Certificate - Public Administration

Public Administration is a field of service that focuses on implementing management policies and programmes for the effective functioning of the government. Public administrators work behind the scenes of our government carrying out various functions and developing systems to serve the public and make a positive difference.

If you have foundational management knowledge and work experience in the public sector you will have the opportunity to advance in your career, as it will expand your management and administrative competencies. Key areas of the programme include general management and related disciplines such as local government management, public management and public law. National Certificate in Public Administration will also unlock numerous career opportunities for you if you would like to start a career in public administration.

Career Focus

  • Local, Provincial and National Public management.

Entrance Requirements

  • Competency in Communication at NQF Level 3, and Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 3.

Course Information

  • Quality Assurer : PSETA
  • Status : Registered
  • Type : Qualification
  • NQF : 4 & 5
  • Class : Finance, Business
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